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Real Deep connections or just for the sake of society...

Miom, a lady who just turned to 50 few days back, decides to throw a party for her close relatives.
Her part list includes:
Her first family, of course, Her husband, Traug
Son, Habi
Daughter and Son in Law, Mrs. & Mr. Borivh
2 Brothers in Laws and family,
2 Brothers and family.

She discuss the plan with her daughter and husband and decides to go for the party coming Sunday, usually a holiday for all. Then she asked her son to decide the venue near by. 
Miom and Traug, wants to go in a well known self service pure vegetarian restaurant called Dhiramal. But their son, Habi do not want to go for it because it's a self service restaurant that means everybody needs to pick his or her food from the food counter and no service of even water glass will be provided. Habi share this with his mom and dad, but they said it will not be a problem, so don't worry. He try to convince them but they are ok to fix 'Dhiramal' as the venue. So Habi keeps quite.

One day before the party i.e. Saturday, Miom started informing and inviting her relatives. She first get the confirmation from her daughter and son in law of their presence.

Then she call her first brother in law and family for the party. They seems to be unavailable on that day and tells her that we'll confirm in an hour or so. Miom said, 'please try to come because after this Sunday, we don't get time to party soon due to some upcoming family functions and the party will go here where.'

After that Miom calls her second brother in law to invite his family for the party. They agrees and tells her to confirm the venue and the time.

Then, she invites her two brothers and family. They said, "there is no need to go out to have the food, don't bother, we are ok, there is no such need." Miom insists them to come and they agrees. Miom says," I'll confirm you guys the venue and the time."

After one hour, Miom gets the call from her first brother in law's wife saying, "we are unable to come due to their mother's health, we can't leave her alone." Miom insist her but fails in her attempt and said,"ok, you send your children with us", brother's wife said,''Sure''.

Next day, Sunday, early morning@6'o clock. 
Habi's cellphone rings.
"Tun tun tun tununan"
Habi picks his cellphone," hello!"
"Jai Jinendra Ji", man from other side says.
"Jai Jinendra", Habi replies.
"Asia hai, Aaj ki rath yantra me aapka coupon nikla hai, baggi per baithne ka. Aap subah 8.30 tak pahuch jaiyega", man says.
Habi says," theek hai".

Actually this call is from the religious temple where a procession of god is scheduled for the Sunday. In this procession, devotees use to take the god in the streets from one temple to another on bullock cart with horse driven vehicle and carts. Those who sits on these carts use to be selected through luck draw coupons purchased by the devotees earlier.

As all Habi family relatives lives near by so Habi text everybody to reach temple for the procession and he himself started getting ready to go to the temple for gods bath.
Habi is also a member of the Young Club of temple near his home in which young boys and others use to attend the bath ceremony of god on every second Sunday of the month.
So, Habi goes to temple and return home after 2 hours and does the breakfast.

9'o clock in the morning, he calls his grandmother and uncle to come and send other family members to the temple so that they can also be the part of the procession.

10:00 AM

Everybody in the temple is getting ready for the Procession, devotees are busy in the rituals, bullock cart, horse cart, banners, musicians, everything is ready to begin with. Everybody is waiting for the person who is going to bring the god to sit in the bullock cart. Habi is also waiting for his family members to come and sit in the horse cart.
Devotee with the god comes and sits in the bullock cart. Everybody started worshiping god, dancing, and singing religious songs. Habi's grandmother comes. She worship the god. Then Habi takes her to one of the four horse cart and make her sit comfortably in it, with chain in her neck and crown on her head, which is used to wear to welcome gods procession. Grandmother asks Habi to sit as well but Habi said," you sit, i am moving with the procession here only".
Procession starts.
Ladies in beautiful and colorful ethnic sarees are worshiping god and other people are watching the procession from their home balconies, religious songs are playing, devotees are dancing, kids are excited, everybody is happy and it seems like as the god yatra has come from the heaven to the earth.
After moving few meters, Habi's mother, Miom and father, also joined the procession.
Habi makes his mother sit in the horse cart with his grandmother. He then clicks their photographs and text them to other family relatives. After few minutes, other family members started liking and commenting on the photographs and started coming to join the procession. Who ever comes, Habi makes sure that he or she sits in the horse cart at least once and he clicks the photograph and text it to others. Habi's cousins, uncle, aunt....all joined and started moving with the procession, either in their own vehicle or walking barefoot.

Habi asked one of his cousin,''Hey! What's your programme? You are coming to the party na.'' His cousin said,''No,  i'll not be coming but Ma and Pa along with his sis is attending the party because someone has to remain at the home to take care of the grandma.''
Habi said,''But i was told by Miom that you are coming and uncle and aunt is going to stay at home''. Habi's cousin replied,''ya, that was decided earlier but now i am going to stay at home''. Habi said,''ok''.

Sun is on the head's of the people, devotees are sweating, feeling tired, but in the presence of god nobody is complaining and enjoying the procession, playing with colors, full heartedly.
Habi is getting interesting funny comments on the pics and is feeling good.

After few hours, the procession reaches to the second temple and devotees are offered to have some snacks. In the mean time, devotees of the second temple takes the god from the bullock cart to their temple for the bath.

By the time it's 12'o clock in the noon and as planned by Habi's mother, Miom, it's now to move for the venue for the family party. So, all members related to Miom and his family, who are present in the procession moves to their respective homes to get ready for the party. So as Habi.
Habi wants to spend some more time in the procession as he's feeling good and other young boys of the club is arranging some drinks for the devotees, in the way of the procession, so Habi also wants to be the part. But Miom tells him to move towards home otherwise they will be late. So Habi goes by her.
After reaching to their respective homes, everybody gets ready. So as Habi. After getting ready and leaving from his home, Habi called all his uncles and brother in law, confirming the time and the venue. He tells everybody to reach in half an hour to one of the serviced restaurant not far from their area and tells his mother and father that he has changed the venue from self serviced 'Dhiramal' to serviced restaurant. They said,"Fine".

01:30 PM
Service Restaurant

Habi along with his mother, Miom and father, Traug; enters the restaurant. They asked manager to arrange the table for around 18 people. Manager said,'' Sure, sir. Table will be ready within 5 minutes."
One of Miom's brother in laws family arrives. Habi tells them to decide for their food of choice from the menu. They said let everybody comes, then we decide. Habi said," it will be too late if we wait for others, lets we all decide and will add the orders of others on their arrival." So they all started placing the order to the waiter. 
"Tun tun tun tununan", Habi phone rings.
Display on phone,"Diuag Calling".
Habi takes the call,"Hello! Han kahan pahuche?"
"Bas 20 Minute me pahuch jayenge. Ye bata ki Ma ke lye cake laaya hai ki nahi?", Habi's sister ask.
Habi get aside from his family and said,''No, kya karna hai".
Diuag reply's,''Kyun, kya karna hota hai cake ka. Kyun nahi laya, abhi le aa''.
Habi said,''rehene de...acha aisa kar raaste me ek shop hai, tu hi lee aa''. He tells her the bakery shop's name and location.
Diuag said,''Ok".
Habi joined the family and confirm the order being placed till then. 

Then, Miom's both brothers family arrives. They all great each other and starts chatting. Habi asks then arrivals to place the order. Now, only one brother in law of Miom's and her daughter along with her husband Borivh left to arrive. Everybody asks Hobi,''Where are they? When are they reaching?'' Habi reply's,'' within few minutes''. And suddenly, Mrs. and Mr. Borivh arrives. 

''Happy Birthday Momi'', Diuag presents the flower bouquet to her mother, Miom and Borivh, her son in law keeps the birthday cake on the table. 

Environment suddenly fills with joyful, wonderful moments. There is smile on everybody's face and all are started enjoying and spending time. Hobi ask waiters to get the food ready and immediately serve the food after cake cutting. 
''Someone lit the candle on the cake'', Habi said.

Miom cuts the cake. Everybody is clapping and singing the birthday song. Children are clicking the photographs. someone burst the pop up overall, "Boooooom". Everybody shouts in excitement.

Cake feeding is going on. Habi tells waiter to serve the food quickly. Everybody started enjoying the food. Habi is taking care of the food being served as per the requirement. He is busy in coordinating with the waiters and food supply to the table. 
Everybody is enjoying the, ''Hot and Yumm Yummmmmm'' Dishes........
Habi is taking care of each and everyone. He is standing and roaming around from ones table to another. If someone asks Habi to sit and have the food, Habi says,''Yes, Yes, will take, you have first'' and move to other's table asking them if they want anything.
Habi feels great to see all families together siting, enjoying, chatting, with smile on faces, and of course happy.
Being emotional and sensitive, Diuag cries suddenly while chatting and seeing all family members together after so long. Everybody sympathies and talk with her on different topics. She astonish everybody by telling them that she is going out of the country for some work. Everybody congratulate her..
After few minutes, Habi start not feeling up to par, little unwell with severe headache. But somehow, he manages without letting anybody know about it.
All are chatting, sharing each others experiences, talking business, talking fun, sharing good and bad news, bla bla bla......

After making sure that everybody eats to top of their mouth and their stomach is full, Habi and one of his cousin sits to eat. as Hobi eats little and refuse to eat more as he's not feeling well from inside. Habi ask the waiter to prepare the bill. He pays the bill and they  all happily moves out of the restaurant. 

They all talk to each other for few minutes and move to their respective homes.

After reaching home, Habi go to his bed and feels unconscious. After sometime his mother, Miom arrives in his room and asks him,''What happened to you?'' He said nothing but his mother sensed that he is not feeling well and give him some medicine. After getting medicated, what the little he has eaten up in the party, comes out in the form of vomit.
After few minutes, Habi feels little relaxed and fall asleep.

2 Hours Later
Habi wakes up.
His mother and father are talking to each other in another room. He can listen to them.
He hears:

Miom: usko dekha tha....dont you saw her, how she was sitting earlier with swelling face?,
He was also uncomfortable with us in front of them, i invited him personally, but he doesn't turned or bother to come-his wish.

Traug: chalo tumne to bol diya tha na invited everybody na and all has come. he hasn' problem.

Miom: mujhe to khilana tha ek baar sabko......i have to give the party once to i gave. now no one can turn up and said you have not given the body can blame me or play fouls with me.

Traug: chalo ache se ho gaya na sab......All went well. What else we require. Its over now.

Habi ponders, ''Does the people in the parties have at least some real deep connections or they are just the act for the society's sake?????????????''


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